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Interview: Prevention is still the best medicine

Dr Bernard-Pellet explains why we should teach medical personnel and patients the art of healthy living through sensible lifestyle and nutrition.

Are animal models predictive?

There are many ways in which animals are used in science, but their role as models for predicting human outcome is especially controversial. Read ‘Are animal models predictive for humans?’ by Niall Shanks, Ray Greek and Jean Greek, originally published in Philosophy, Ethics, and Humanities in Medicine.

Press Release: Scientists question value of monkey experiments

An article published in the peer-reviewed Medicolegal and Bioethics presents a rare challenge not just to the ethics but also to the science of using non human primates in research.

Interview: Another courageous scientist

The following interview is with a scientist who wishes to remain anonymous. Her determination to pursue a scientific career without conducting animal experiments is an example for others to follow.