Interview: Dr Martin Ashby on animal experimentation

Dr Ashby has seen patients prescribed drugs costing thousands of pounds a month who are nonetheless not receiving adequate nutrition, hydration and basic care. Something is profoundly wrong with the healthcare system, he observes.

Press Release: Is REACH a pointless animal massacre?

The EU chemicals testing program REACH is a well-intentioned but scientifically flawed attempt to protect human health and the environment, both of which continue to be at risk from the effects of toxic chemicals.

Press Release: New study reveals adverse effects when common pesticides mixed

An Antidote Europe-funded study demonstrates the harmful effects of mixtures of the pesticides pyrimethanil, cyprodinil and fludioxonil.

Press Release: Why the Nuremberg Code may harm your health

Science has moved forward 65 years since the end of World War II but the laws have not yet caught up with the science.


Justice for our Health



Mon 30 Aug 2010



The European Commission (EC) should not have launched the PL037712 Carcinogenomics project because the methods intended to be developed in the project are already well-established and known to the scientific community.