Interview: Dr Martin Ashby on animal experimentation

Dr Ashby has seen patients prescribed drugs costing thousands of pounds a month who are nonetheless not receiving adequate nutrition, hydration and basic care. Something is profoundly wrong with the healthcare system, he observes.

About Us



The team at Antidote Europe is comprised of scientists, with Claude Reiss as its president.

Dr Claude Reiss

For more than thirty years, Claude Reiss held the position of research director at the CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research) and also conducted research at the Jacques Monod Institute. In addition, he taught biology to doctoral students at the University of Lille. He has now retired from his positions in the public sector and is currently conducting his own research as a personal venture in the private sector.

Dr André Ménache

CEO of Antidote Europe, André Ménache is a zoologist and a veterinary surgeon. He has a particular interest in medical law and was instrumental in amending the Declaration of Helsinki.

Ms Hélène Sarraseca

Hélène Sarraseca is Antidote Europe’‘s administrative director and also co-founder. She is responsible for all correspondence with members, administrative duties, and editing the quarterly publication, ??La Notice d’‘Antidote??.

Ms Augustine Savy

Augustine Savy, formerly an assistant-director, is currently retired. A founder member of Antidote Europe, she is very active in promoting the aims of the organisation.

Dr Francoise Reiss

Françoise Reiss is emeritus research director at the CNRS and an internationally recognised figure in the field of bacterial photosynthesis.