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Press release - October 28th, 2008

Scientists urge caution on news of new artificial heart

The announcement of a new artificial heart by French Professor Alain Carpentier, should be received with caution. The real test to find out whether this mechanical heart actually works in people will be discovered in actual patient volunteers. The fact that it has been tested in animals is unfortunately no reliable indication that it will function well in humans. An obvious drawback of using sheep and calves in these experiments is the fact that in quadrupeds, 70% of total blood volume is at or above heart level, where humans have 70% of their total blood volume below heart level. Previous experimental findings in dogs have already highlighted this problem, also referred to as “Starling’s law of the heart”.

Says Antidote Europe’s director, André Ménache: “As a veterinary surgeon, I am surprised that we still rely on 150 year old science in the 21st century, because these sorts of animal experiments go back to the time of Claude Bernard, around 1865”.

Antidote Europe is a non profit organization aimed at promoting a better prevention in human health.