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Scientific expertise: our president and many of our members are researchers, physicians, veterinarians. They can evaluate research programs in their field of knowledge, supply objective information, create and direct research programs.

Campaign: scientific evaluation of the toxicity of chemical substances. In 2003, we introduced a novel approach of toxicogenomics. In 2005, we published the results obtained for 28 substances, among the most common in our environment, tested with our Scientific Toxicology Program. This first practical demonstration leads us to suggest possible improvements.

Information of government authorities: we have already met several French and European deputies. We were received at the French ministries of Ecology, Industry and Research. We have written to the European Commission and to the European Parliament to explain the advantages of our Scientific Toxicology Program. Milestones of this campaign.

Questions to the candidates in the presidential election: a questionnaire on health matters was sent to them.

Ongoing action: we are asking the European Commission to replace toxicological tests on animals with truly scientific methods, especially toxicogenomics, a method approved by the European Parliament in REACH's first reading (November 17th, 2005), the Environment Commission prior to second reading (October 10th, 2006) and cited in the introduction of REACH's final version (December 18th, 2006).

Inform the media, through press releases, and participate to television or radio programs.

Creation of a "Physicians" department. If you are concerned, read our letter (in French only).

Editing a quarterly journal in French, La Notice d'Antidote, for the information of our members and the public.

Conferences: calendar

Collaboration with other associations: our president is also scientific advisor of EMP (Europeans for Medical Progress), a very dynamic British association thanks to which we've had many opportunities of speaking in England. We also collaborate with Equivita, an Italian association sharing our goals and thanks to which we've had opportunities of speaking within the European and Italian institutions.